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February 16, 2008

Feb 16, 2008

Palermo's one-room schoolhouse, once in terrible disrepair and in danger of being demolished, is starting a new life. Thanks to the members of the Trafalgar Township Historical Society, this important part of Trafalgar's history will be shared with visitors for many years to come.

Trafalgar's Family Day celebration in 2006 was the impetus for the renovations to begin. With hard work and donations from the Society members, and outside funding from The Community Foundation of Oakville and Benjamin Moore, the schoolhouse began its restoration.

Next up is building code approval and once this has been confirmed, the schoolhouse will again be part of the township's living history. The school will give visitors a one-room schoolhouse experience in the World War II era and already, both public and separate schools have shown interest in including a visit to the schoolhouse as part of their curriculum. The building will also house the Society's archives, provide historical research to the community and be available to rent for community events.