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Heritage Day

We are showcasing the following exhibits and artifacts on September 24, 2022 from 10am to 2pm at the restored heritage Palermo schoolhouse.

Our members will be on-hand to provide you background on the rich history of Trafalgar Township. Maybe track down one of your local ancestors and or see what that object from the attic may be. Or just stop to reminisce!

Palermo Schoolhouse

The schoolhouse, S.S.#2, has been restored to be a working schoolhouse museum and home to the Historical Society’s archives. The schoolhouse existed in 1817 as one of only 3 schoolhouses in the Township, although it may not have been on the existing property. A schoolhouse was built in the current location in 1844 and again in 1875. The cornerstone from the 1875 schoolhouse was incorporated into the back of the 1942 building. At the time the school closed in the early 1960’s, it was one of 18 schools in the Township.

Palermo Pioneer Cemetery Tour

In 1818 a parcel of land in Lot 30 Concession 1 south was sold to Duncan McQueen, James Hopperd and James McBride by Charles Teetzel for the sum of two pounds and ten shillings.  The agreement said the land was “forever for the sole and proper use of a place to bury the dead for them and as many of the inhabitants of Trafalgar lying between the Twelve and Sixteen Mile Creeks as may think proper to join them:  as also for a Meeting House and a school house should the same at any time be required.”

United Empire Loyalists

The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada is dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the past, specifically the United Empire Loyalists and their contribution to the development of Canada. The United Empire Loyalists were generally those who had been settled in the thirteen colonies at the outbreak of the American Revolution, who remained loyal to British Crown, supported the British and who settled in what is now Canada at the end of the war.

Come meet the UEL volunteers who may be able to help in your search for a United Empire Loyalist ancestor!

Vintage and Antique Bottles, Stoneware and Advertising from Halton’s Past! 

  • Dairy Bottles
  • Soda Water Bottles
  • Medicine and Quack Cures
  • Fruit Jars, yes, those old Sealers!
  • Stoneware, Crocks and Jugs
  • T Eaton Company Memorabilia
  • Book “Oakville and Bronte Dairies and Milk Bottles” will be available

We will have a display of some of the wide range of these goods that were made. It would be fun if you have some old stuff, dig them out, bring them along and we can do our best to identify, date and maybe even what they were used for!

Palermo Schoolroom text books

Come and browse through our collection of school texts. Several date back to school days of the 1880’s. A small sample is listed below:

  • The Ontario Readers Third Reader,1885
  • The Public School Grammar, 1899
  • The Ontario Public School Arithmetic, 1910
  • The French Reader, 1927
  • Ontario Public School Spelling Book, 1929
  • Junior Arithmetic – Grade 4, 1937
  • Language Exercises – Grade 3, 1944
  • The Ontario Readers – First Book, 1971

We’re sure some to your mind from your schooldays. It would be fun if you have some old text books, dig them out, bring them along.

Palermo Schoolroom artifacts

We have a collection of items used during its time as an operating school in Trafalgar Township.. A few of our artifacts are listed:

  • Glass Inkwell & double glass inkwell
  • Student slate
  • Teaching Cards
  • Handbell
  • Various types of school desks
  • Protractor set
  • Wash basin and pitcher
  • Oil Lamp

We have a large collection of different styles of school desks that were used in schools. Your children are welcome to try them out.

Wayne Shillum’s 1950’s Palermo

“In 1950, my parents decided that they wanted to provide more for their three sons than growing up in the city. They had a lot of just plain guts to take on the task of managing a 100-acre dairy farm in Palermo, Ontario with no prior experience.
This move would provide the entire family with an
adventure in small town rural Palermo Ontario that has now, all but disappeared.”

Come out and meet the author, Wayne Shillum, a local Trafalgar Township resident.

The Society’s Open Archives

Our Archives Room has many local reference volumes, maps and extensive local family and property records. Our online collection has over 3,000 records, many of which are used by other historical societies, historical collections, archives and public library history collections in Ontario. Our internet records can be searched along with all member partners for comprehensive Ontario-wide research.  This collection of images can be searched at OurOntario.

Halton-Peel OGS (Ontario Ancestors)

Halton-Peel Ontario Genealogical Society, a branch of Ontario Ancestors, assists those interested in their family history and helps preserve Ontario’s genealogical heritage. Ontario Ancestors has 30 geographically based branches throughout Ontario, Halton-Pell OGS being a major branch. Many Trafalgar Township ancestors records can be located in the OGS database. Come out and have a chat with Halton-Peel OGS about your Ontario ancestors.

Conservation Halton – Glenorchy

Conservation Halton was established more than 60 years ago. Glenorchy is located in Oakville, as part of the North Oakville Natural Heritage System, Glenorchy Conservation Area is a 400 hectare (990 acre) area owned by Province of Ontario. Conservation Halton is managing the restoration of Glenorchy, as a partnership agreement, due to the unique ecological features, like a deep gorge, forested slopes and shale bluffs surrounding Sixteen Mile Creek, which cuts through the land.

2022 Photography Contest

Calling all amateur photographers to our first annual photography contest to be held at our annual Doors Open Heritage Day.

We are looking for photos, taken in the last year that represent the unique character that we hold so dear and work to protect in Oakville.  Photos can include old and heritage buildings, landmarks both built and natural as well as any other photos that capture the spirit and longevity of our town.

There are three age categories:

  • Children’s Category up to Age 13
  • Youth 14-19
  • Adult 20 and up

All photos must be delivered by 11am on our Heritage Day on September 24, 2022.

Please include your name, phone number and email address on the back of the photo and if you will be picking up your photo.

Judging will take place at 1pm.  Prizes include Amazon gift cards and movie vouchers.

Photo Gallery of Trafalgar Township

Our TTHS archivist, Ross Wark, is in his own right, an avid photographer. Over the years, Ross has captured in photos, the development of Trafalgar Township. His is extremely knowledgeable about Township history and is able to provide you a guided tour using his photographs.

It would be fun if you bring some of your own photos. Dig them out, bring them along. We’re sure that many of you took photos as your new home in the new neighbourhoods and sub-divisions of North Oakville were built.

Come meet Ross and share your photos of your neighbourhood in north Oakville, Trafalgar Township.

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