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We are showcasing the local agricultural producers, exhibitors and artifacts on September 28, 2028 from 10am to 3pm at the restored heritage Palermo schoolhouse in Oakville. Our theme this year is the “Agricultural History of Trafalgar Township. Several exhibitors and historical groups will be present their agricultural roots.

Our members will be on-hand to provide you background on the rich history of Trafalgar Township. Maybe track down the farm that your house is now located or find one of your local ancestors and or see what that object from the attic may be. Or just stop to reminisce!

We have a number of new categories of activities this year:

  • Local Farm Growers: vegetables, bees and beehives, apples, etc.
  • Children’s Playground and Petting Area: old time “bubbles” laundry stations; Popcorn
  • Local Authors – books that have been written by local farmers
  • Genealogy Society – helping local families locate information on possible links to relatives
  • Meet the Head Teacher – we have a fully functioning school room with turn of the century books
  • Self-Guided Historical Tours

Back By Bees

Dive into the hive with us as we explore all things beekeeping. From honey production to hive management, join us on a journey filled with fascinating insights, practical tips, and a whole lot of sweet success. Whether you’re a seasoned apiarist or a curious beginner, our blog is your go-to destination for all things bees.

We keep bees, we grow and curate local food for your table to support biodiversity through the pollination of 32,000 acres of land in Ontario. Come learn about bees, how they make honey and explore new tastes and bee part of it.

Country Heritage Park

The Country Heritage Park (formerly the Ontario Agricultural Museum) is located next to Hwy 401 an the Niagara Escarpment in Milton, Ontario. We recreate agricultural life in the 19th century in Ontario.

We grow our own vegetables on the farm and distribute it to local food bank organizations. Come see some of the products we grow and ask the support team about some that you may not be familiar.

Wheelbarrow Orchards

In the fall months we offer the opportunity for our customers to pick their fresh apples right out of our own trees on the farm.

We have finished up our winter pruning and are expecting an earlier blossom this year than the normal 3rd week of May.

Meet Palermo’s Head Teacher

Step back in time and visit the restored Palermo Heritage schoolhouse, one of Ontario’s early one-room schoolhouses! These charming rural buildings, often made of brick or wood, were the heart of their communities. Children of all ages gathered here, guided by a single, dedicated teacher managing multiple grades.

Picture the sound of a handbell calling students inside, where wooden desks faced a chalkboard, and a potbelly stove warmed the room during harsh winters. Enjoy the schoolhouse with our schoolteacher, look through old readers, do your alphabet on the chalkboards and complete a worksheet.

Projects Gallery

“…Really love the Heritage Day in Oakville. Lots do to for the kids and adults….”