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Mississauga Treaty 14

Treaty 14, was  signed William Claus on behalf of the Crown, and Mississauga Chiefs Chechalk, Quenepenon, Wabukanyne, Okemapenesse, Wabenose, Kebonecence, Osenego, Acheton, Pataquan and Wabakagego. The signing was witnessed by D. Cameron, Donald MacLean, George Ferguson, Captain of the Canadian Regiment, William Crowther, Lieutenant 41st Regiment, James Davidson, Hospital Staff, H.M. Smith, Peter Selby, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, J.B. Rousseaux and David Price, Interpreter. Treaty 14 reaffirmed the importance of the fisheries at Twelve Mile Creek, Sixteen Mile Creek, Etobicoke Creek and the Credit River to the Mississaugas’ way of life. For more information click here

Source: Heritage Mississauga