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So You Thought You Knew Eaton’s Canada

“If you thought, you knew Eaton’s Canada”, a brand we knew and trusted – well maybe you don’t!

Come and hear the stories of people and places and things that Eaton’s developed to help the Canadian people. Things you didn’t see or could buy.

A story told by Dave Bartlett an avid collector and historian of the Eaton family and the company’s growth was presented at the Heritage Palermo Schoolhouse, April 2, 2024. Dave presented a historical slideshow on Eaton’s and brought along his Eaton’s artifacts, including fruit jars, meds, product, and sales literature.

Did you know?

  • Eaton’s sold cars?
  • Eaton’s had electric washing machines in 1926
  • How many times have you driven through Eatonville (Toronto)?